We are enjoying a beautiful Saturday. This morning we went to the West End Markets to pick up some fruits and veggies. We also met up with Allie, Paddy (Pia’s cousin) & a few others for a Saturday morning yarn.

This afternoon our friend Thomas came over to visit us in New Farm. He suggested we throw a frisbee in New Farm Park, glorious idea.


October is also the time of year that the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom and are absolutely stunning in their vibrant purple color.


Hope your Saturday is as beautiful as ours. We are having a relaxing night making Pizza on our BBQ tonight!


Breaking it in.

Hello again and major apologies for the absence. We have been quite busy around these parts.

Firstly we have moved into our new place and are LOVING it!

Here are a few photos of our new casa:

The front of our building, we are on the ground floor in the back right unit.


Our backyard, we are working on an herb garden (Ryan’s request) and some more chairs.


And our street looking down to the Brisbane River and our CityCat stop. Hopefully we will be using the CityCat to get to work!


Other than settling into our new place we have been exploring the city via all forms of transport including on the river.


We also saw great fireworks at the Riverfire Festival from our friend’s balcony. They were probably one of the best we had ever seen!

And the most exciting news of all….Pia beat Ryan in bowling. The Southern Hemisphere has really helped Pia’s game! The proof is in the final score.



We have been spending the rest of our days meeting and catching up with friends, job hunting (send good thoughts!), and enjoying life in Australia!

Home Sweet Almost Home

We found a place of our own and we are signing a lease on Friday morning! It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom (aka come visit us!!!) flat complete with some fabulous outdoor space (read Australian living room).We are moving into a neighborhood called New Farm. It is an inner city suburb complete with a some beautiful parks.

Pictures to follow as soon as we get our grubby little mitts on the keys. But for now here are some shots from the internet of our new ‘hood.

The famous New Farm Park.


An excellent live arts venue, the Powerhouse.


And some awesome bowls clubs that we hope to join soon.


We are looking forward to our new place but must first find some household items like a bed oh and some utensils…….

From Pizza to Prawns

After saying our final good-byes we began our journey to Brisbane on our inaugural voyage aboard China Eastern. We were greeted with great hospitality and enjoyed an interesting yet pretty yummy in-flight meal complete with tapioca pudding for dessert!

Our first flight was 15 hours to Shanghai. After a quick layover we were on an 11 hour flight to Sydney. After such a long journey we were happily greeted by the Sydney Harbor.

And then after a quick layover it was onto Brisbane.

And to bed, a 30 hour flight and jetlag always gets ya!

We have lots more exciting news that I need to catch up on here, we will be back asap!

Also Happy Birthday Allie, so great to be able to spend the day with you.


Tomorrow morning bright and early we are pushing off for a week of sailing with Nan and Tyler. We are starting our trip from Sarasota Yacht Club and traveling south as far as our time allows.

We flew from Philadelphia this morning and were greeted with typical August in Florida weather of scattered thunderstorms.


 We stopped by the boat to catch up with Chris or as we affectionately (and secretly) call him “Papou”.

The team (minus Pia) ready for action.

We filled our bellies full of sushi from Pacific Rim and tcby; now on to the high seas of Western Florida. Let’s Go!


Last night we threw Ryan a surprise 29th Birthday Party. Even though his birthday is on the 22nd we decided to surpise him with a party a few weeks early.

It was a great night with friends from all parts of our lives.

The night was filled with delicious cake.

Lots of bowling.

And great friends.

Happy 29th Birthday to Ryan and thank you to all who were able to celebrate!