Tomorrow morning bright and early we are pushing off for a week of sailing with Nan and Tyler. We are starting our trip from Sarasota Yacht Club and traveling south as far as our time allows.

We flew from Philadelphia this morning and were greeted with typical August in Florida weather of scattered thunderstorms.


¬†We stopped by the boat to catch up with Chris or as we affectionately (and secretly) call him “Papou”.

The team (minus Pia) ready for action.

We filled our bellies full of sushi from Pacific Rim and tcby; now on to the high seas of Western Florida. Let’s Go!


Last night we threw Ryan a surprise 29th Birthday Party. Even though his birthday is on the 22nd we decided to surpise him with a party a few weeks early.

It was a great night with friends from all parts of our lives.

The night was filled with delicious cake.

Lots of bowling.

And great friends.

Happy 29th Birthday to Ryan and thank you to all who were able to celebrate!