Byron Bay Part II

We are back for part II of our Byron Bay tip (part I here). Before we left for Byron Bay a few people had told us that we absolutely must watch the sunrise from Cape Byron. Not only was Cape Byron the most Eastern point in mainland Australia but it was also the first place to watch the sunrise each day (makes sense eh?).

So we decided to get up at the insane hour of 4:45 for a 45 minute walk out to the Cape making it just in time for a 5:58 am sunrise. Although there were a few clouds on the horizon blocking the sun, it was still a great sunrise.

How Ryan spent most of the sunrise.

The most eastern point is at the top of the hill behind us.

Once the sun had fully risen above the horizon our tummies were growling for some breakfast and we made the 45 minute walk back into town stopping for a few photos along the way.

After breakfast and a nap we visited Byron’s weekly market.

As expected in a hippie town there were plenty of beautiful fruits and veggies for sale.

After some coffee we then headed out to the beaches on the eastern side of the town. The wind had died down from the day before and we enjoyed a few hours on the beach.

You can see the lighthouse peaking out from the top of Cape Byron in the picture below.

Once again our tummies started grumbling (seeing trend?) and we packed up from the beach and the strong sun to a shaded picnic table to enjoy our lunch beachside.


We caught a bus later in the afternoon back to Brisbane. Our time in Byron Bay was short but sweet and we can’t wait to return with guests from out of town (hint hint!).