A Very Late Weekend Edition: A Soggy Harvest

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to attend the Harvest Festival for free!

We enjoyed a scenic bike ride through Brissie to the concert followed by a lovely Sunday afternoon.

 Harvest was held in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens in the central business district. It is a beautiful lush garden on the edge of the city’s  sky scrapers.  The following are a few shots of our most excellent free concert!

Ribbons woven through bamboo across the walkway.

 Great afternoon light brought to us by the weather later in the day.

Enjoying a little bit of the Cake show.

Just as Ben Folds Five was about to take the stage we were told that there was a thunderstorm with hail coming immediately and everyone needed to evacuate. Everyone sought shelter underneath a nearby college while we were pelted with a torrential downpour and grape sized hailballs. Luckily for the raincoatless Allie and I we were able to snag a poncho from the ground to shelter us from the storm.

2 sisters + 1 poncho = very cozy but dry!

Boy is Ryan happy he brought his raincoat!


We were able to head back into the gardens once the storm let up to see Ben Folds Five, Beck and a bit of the Grizzley Bears. A great afternoon, concert and way to spend a Sunday!