An afternoon adventure to Mt. Tamborine

We decided to escape the Brisbane heat on Friday afternoon with a trip to Mt. Tamborine just south of Brisbane.

We drove down to the hinterland of the Gold Coast to Mt. Tamborine; a 28 square kilometer plateau which is part of a larger former volcanic area. After a quick stop to a tourist information house we were on our way to a few quick hikes that afforded us beautiful views.

Our first hike was a windy trail that wove through rainforest, very loud creatures in that rainforest. No seriously, the noise was deafening.

The views were stunning proudly displaying the scenic rim (as the area is named) to the west. We happily ate our lunches allowing us a bit more time to enjoy the view.

Our next adventure took us to another spot to enjoy the view a bit more.

Alone the way we stopped to pick up some delicious (and cheap!) avocados which we now know grow quite well in the region.

Our final stop was to see the views to the east and the world (in)famous Gold Coast. It was a cool and new way to view the Gold Coast especially since we would be heading there a few days later (foreshadowing!).

We also enjoyed some sweet swing time!