Coastal Cruisin’

Hello again old friends, we haven’t seen each other in a while. Big things have been happening with the McCannakings but we will get to later.

Today we want to share with you our adventures to Sydney in January. We decided to repeat our epic california trip with a little road trip from Brisbane to Sydney.


Our first stop was to the famous Yatala (pronounced Yatla) Meat Pie shop. If this was any indication of how the rest of our trip was going to be we were in for a real treat.



Our beautiful bed, car, bathroom and kitchen for our adventure. A MUCH bigger and more grown-up ride than our beloved Daytripper in California.Van_with_pia

We pulled up for our first night just south of Byron Bay in the small town of Lenox. We found a beautiful beach front parking spot complete with an even more beautiful sunrise that Ryan was able to catch.lenox_am_view

The next morning after some beach front eggs and a morning swim we hit the road again to Yamba.Which was a beautiful little town complete with a welcoming beach and an awesome seaside pool.


Waves crashing into the side of the seaside pool.


After our quick tour of Yamba we headed to Port Macquaire to see what the fuss was all about. We enjoyed a stroll along the pier watching locals fish, swim, jump off the pier, kayak and even dragon boat!


We finally stopped for the night in Nambucca Heads for a tasty dinner and a good nights sleep. dinner_nambucca

But don’t worry we didn’t go to sleep until Ryan received a good dose of losing in our favorite game!


Good Morning from Nambucca Heads!


We were up and hit the road early for Port Macquarie where we enjoyed anotherĀ  beach-front breakfast and swim. We were shocked how cold the water was compared to the water near Trish’s place at the Sunshine Coast.portmac_breakfast

After our time along the coast we decided to head inland to the Hunter Valley to enjoy Australia’s oldest wine region. Unfortunately for us our visit to the Hunter Valley coincided with one of the hottest days on record. We were met by weather in the mid-forties (110 for those who think in Fahrenheit) nonetheless we were still able to enjoy some pretty tasty wine.vineyardviews

Throughout our trip we had been hearing constant warnings of bushfires and we finally encountered one in the Hunter Valley which was (thankfully) under control a few hours later.


On our second day in the Hunter Valley we were able to catch-up with close family friends of Pia’s, Jim and Helen. We had such a great day exploring their favorite spots in the Hunter Valley and catching up on life.


The day was made even better by the stunning views we enjoyed at literally one of the most delicious meals that has ever passed our lips.
(Note: If you find yourself in the Hunter Valley you MUST we repeat MUST go to Bistro Molines)


We couldn’t even let the outrageous heat ruin our lunch, too bad we can’t say that about the candlesticks.


After we bid Jim and Helen good-bye we headed towards Sydney for our last night in our campervan sleeping in the small fishing town of Ettalong Beach.


Stay tuned for Part II of our adventures (we promise we won’t make you wait too long).