A soggy one but that’s alright.

We had a pretty wet weekend in Brisbane but we didn’t let the weather get in our way.

We had a picnic under cover in New Farm Park on Saturday night with new friends. It was lovely.

Pia also went up the coast for some family time.

This photo was taken from the roof of Trish’s building. Maybe there will be a break in the weather soon?


Mt Coolum

Last weekend in addition to spending some quality time with great family friends up the coast, we climbed Mt. Coolum. We had climbed Mt. Coolum while we were visiting last year finding it to be a bit  of a climb as the trail was pretty worn down. During our dinner on Sunday night it was mentioned that the trail up Mt. Coolum had been redone and recently finished so we said why the heck not?

The view from part of the way up.

The steps that have just been finished in all of their glory.

Happy hikers at the top.

The view from the top look south towards Trish’s place.

We loved our newly improved trip up Mt. Coolum and are looking forward to doing it more often!